Creating Awareness
Around Men’s Issues

Mankind™ is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation located
in Dallas, Texas, and hosts numerous charity events along
with fundraisers every year to increase awareness of men's
health issues and support men in times of medical crisis.

Mankind™ is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation located in Dallas, Texas, and hosts numerous charity events along with fundraisers every year to increase awareness of men's health issues and support men in times of medical crisis.

Mankind™ Mission

To help save the lives of men and end suffering by increasing education, awareness, and by helping those affected with financial assistance.

About Mankind™

Our initiative is founded on the premise that no man should go without the essential care necessary to be free of the burdens brought on by various illnesses.

Due to the lack of financial resources, many men who are chronically ill or have significant health care issues are forced into prolonged suffering. Mankind™ is a community effort focused on providing men with the support and resources that are critical for them and their loved ones in order to significantly improve their quality of life. Simultaneously, we aim to spread awareness to all of Mankind™ the medical issues men regularly face.

Dr. Joseph Becker beats throat cancer.

Mankind™ Board Members

Mankind™ is made possible by the men who volunteer their time and energy to expand our cause to help all of mankind.

Eric Becker


Eric Becker is the COO of Canyon Foods, President of the Food Sales Association Scholarship Fund, and the President and Founder of Mankind™.

Jason W. Taylor

Volunteer Board Member

Jason W. Taylor is the President and Founder of Code Authority, CodeLaunch, and is the Vice President of Mankind™.

Dan Russell

Volunteer Board Member

As VP of Services with Armeta Analytics, Dan helps companies find opportunities buried in their data. He has a lovely wife and a son (who can beat you in chess).

Nick Robertson

Volunteer Board Member

Nick is a Forensic Technologist. When not spending time volunteering, he is conducting corporate investigations centered around data analysis!

Mike Colvin

Volunteer Board Member

Mike Colvin is a '97 graduate of the University of Oklahoma with almost 20 years of accounting experience in the technology industry. He has a lovely family and enjoys playing golf in his free time.

Travis Robertson

Volunteer Board Member

Travis Robertson is an Application Developement Manager at American Airlines and devotes his spare time to helping mankind.

John Finley

Volunteer Board Member

John Finley has 16 years of legal experience. He has held positions at the White House, Aetna, and three major health systems. John lives in Southlake with his wife, three daughters and two dogs.

Ron Maples

Volunteer Board Member

Ron Maples is the Managing Director of Maple Tree Consultants. He has over 20 years of experience providing companies with technical advice on complex accounting issues. He lives in Plano with his lovely wife, two wonderful sons and four crazy dogs.

Mark Cunningham

Volunteer Board Member

Stories of

We’re very grateful for the lives we’ve impacted through our mission. Here are stories from some of the men that Mankind™ has benefited throughout the years.


Allen Kennedy, a 59-year-old Irving resident, was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2019.

This news came as a shock to the man and his wife. With no license to drive a car, and no car of his own to drive, he was concerned about missing his cancer treatment appointments. The couple began asking neighbors for rides to get Kennedy to and from Choice Cancer Care in Irving.

Read Allen's Full Story

Roberto Lazcano, received shocking news on November 7, 2018

Roberto Lazcano, 47, received shocking news on November 7, 2018 – he was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. Doctors told him chemotherapy and radiation were an immediate need, and that his outlook for the future depended on prompt care.

He had no insurance, and he had no means to pay for all of the medical bills because private insurance companies wouldn’t approve him after his diagnosis. The cancer he was to be treated for was estimated at nearly $50,000.

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From Plight to Bright: Coach's Health Outlook

In early 2019, we shared Kevin “Coach” Paul’s cancer diagnosis story with our Mankind supporters. Today, Kevin has an update to share with us regarding his current health status.

In the middle of December 2018, Coach was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The news was heartbreaking to both him and all those who have come to know Coach, from his family members to the players he coached.

Update on Coach

Henry “Hank” Row: A “Much Better Outlook” Thanks to Mankind

When someone is diagnosed with a serious health issue, life becomes a whirlwind of doctor visits, medication and treatment options — and “How do I pay for all this?”

The first time the Row family from Garland, TX faced this kind of life-altering situation, it was Mrs. Row. In 2014, she fell ill, and Hank spent most of his earnings and savings on her battle for health. Sadly, Mrs. Row passed in October 2016.

Read Henry's Full Story

Bruce Sereika, McKinney, TX

During routine blood work, Dr. Alling of Decatur, Texas, expressed concern at the level of my PSA test. He referred me to Dr. Doubrava, an Urologist also of Decatur, who tortured me by taking samples of my prostate. He found that all twelve samples contained cancer and sat me down for a long conversation about my options.

I am so grateful to know that I do not face this alone. I have become aware of how many men have faced this and survived. I'm also aware that many men will face this struggle until medical science elminiates it, and that's why I am so grateful for Mankind™ and the men who make up this organization. I'm also grateful for the men who have been blessed through Mankind™. I feel like they are my partners in this battle.

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Ron Adkins, Dallas, TX

In 2015, Ron Adkins was living a quiet retired life with his wife of 48 years in Plano. It was during a routine annual heart procedure follow up that the nurse reported to him his PSA count was abnormally high. “What does that mean?” was his reaction. Not long after more tests confirmed the bad news. Ron was positive for Prostate Cancer.

On February 6, Mankind™ issued $3,000 of direct financial aid to Ron and his family and plans to raise more donations through their annual gold fundraiser on April 6.

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Coach’s Story – Moving Forward from the “Worst Day Ever”

There’s a popular ad campaign for an insurance company that says, “Life comes at you fast.” That statement holds a lot of truth for Kevin “Coach” Paul, one of the most recent recipients of support from Mankind.

On December 11, 2018, he woke up to receive his final divorce papers — which is certainly enough to ruin anyone’s day. But life was about to come at Kevin faster and harder than ever before.

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Daniel Gebremichael, McKinney, TX

Daniel T. Gebremichael is a 75-year-old man who lives in McKinney together with his wife in the home of their eldest daughter Timnit who is 41 years old. Daniel, his wife and Timnit are all permanent residents (green card) of the United States.

Daniel and three of his five children gradually immigrated from Ethiopia and Eritrea to the USA over the past few decades due to the prolonged civil war there. One other sibling to Timnit lives in Texas (Houston).

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Ben Story
Ben, Frisco, TX

My playing this game that I love could have been cut short if it hadn’t been for my yearly prostate screening! My prostate cancer was detected in the Fall of 2006 during my regular yearly physical.

I was very fortunate in the fact that one of the top five prostate cancer surgery teams were here in Birmingham, AL and I was able to have Dr. Scott Tully perform a Robotic Radical Prostatectomy in April of 2007. Even though my cancer had been able to spread outside of my prostate, they were able to remove it all.

I owe my life to three things, (1) having a yearly physical, (2) the skill of Dr. Tully and his team at St. Vincent Hospital and (3) the grace of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Earl, Dallas, TX

Earl’s brother-in-law was seeing his doctor at Dallas Pelvic Medicine Center for a routine visit and told Earl about Mankind’s™ charitable assistance program. He thought of Earl because he knew Earl was going through a challenging financial struggle. Earl had family history of prostate cancer and needed to be pro-active and have a new PSA level test performed.

Earl completed a financial aid application and subsequently board members Art Carillo and Jason W. Taylor along with founder Eric Becker met him for lunch to find out how Mankind™ could help Earl.

See Earl's Full Story

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To provide men and their families needed support during times of medical crisis, and to promote awareness about men’s health issues.

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