Ricky’s Story

Ricky is a 46-year-old Dallas citizen who had a Stroke on Thanksgiving Day 2022 and collapsed getting out of the shower at home. The fall caused him to hit his head, creating a severe brain bleed. Ricky has been in the hospital and then now is admitted to a special rehab facility and remains there since. He is recovering and hoping to return home soon.

Ricky can speak very well but is learning to function in other ways again. Ricky met our founder Eric Becker in the restaurant industry while working at Chamberlains. He has worked for Rich Chamberlain since 2002 and is the Senior Server there. If you have been to Chamberlains any time the last 20 years, there is a good chance he has served you. Ricky hopes to go back as soon as he recovers. Has been out of work for two months+ now and is totally dependent on tips for income. Ricky loves sports and making people happy at Chamberlains. He is a wine expert and very proud of his VIP regular customers who he takes special care of. Ricky wants to thank Rich Chamberlain for being so supportive during this time. Mankind is proud to support Ricky and his family as he progresses toward a recovery and return to normalcy.


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