Juergen’s Story

juergens story

We are excited to share with you the profound impact of your generous support for Mankind. Your contributions have made a tangible difference in the life of Juergen Pugh, a valued member of our community who has been courageously battling bladder cancer.

Juergen’s journey has been marked by significant challenges. In January, he went to the hospital for a pulmonary embolism and went to the hospital for treatment. Due to the expiration of his insurance from his former employer, he found himself without coverage. Despite his urgent need for medical attention, Juergen was told to apply for Medicare, however it has not been approved so he has not seen a doctor in 11 months. As a former auto sales professional, he is currently being supported by his two children, one of whom is in college.

Thanks to your unwavering support, Mankind was able to step in and provide crucial assistance to Juergen during this critical time. We facilitated the process of obtaining insurance for him and also covered medical bills for this month so he can begin treatment. Your generosity has alleviated the burden on Juergen and his family, allowing him to access the necessary medical treatments and support services.

Your contributions have played a vital role in his journey towards recovery, and we are immensely grateful for your commitment to our cause. Your kindness and generosity have made a meaningful impact on his life, providing hope and support during a challenging period.

As we continue our mission to support individuals like Juergen, we hope that you will consider furthering your support for our cause. Your ongoing contributions have the power to transform lives and provide hope to those in need.

Thank you once again for your incredible support. Together, we are making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals facing health a health crisis.