Frank’s Story

When Frank Gonzalez was facing a health crisis he turned to his church who introduced him to Mankind. In 2020, he got an infection on his leg that resulted in gangrene on his toe. Hospitalized in El Paso, Tx, he was given antibiotics to fight the infection. The infection stayed in the tip of his bone and the doctors wanted him to have surgery, but Frank was scared to do it because of cost, and he was alone in the hospital. He decided to leave with oral antibiotics and return to Plano, Tx. where he continued to work with the infection in his toe. Recently, he lost vision in his eyes and went to the eye doctor and was informed he had detached retina in right eye and almost in the left eye. He was bleeding behind the eyes and immediately needed to see a retina doctor. Frank does not have insurance and reached out to Mankind to assist with his health crisis as he is unable to work with his vision issue.  

Every day is new because his vision changes and he is unable to pay for the immediate surgery that is needed.  He has four children in El Paso that he has not seen in two years due to his health issues. Frank believes God has timing for everything and he believes in having patience as he is on God’s time and not his own. Frank relies heavily on his father to take care of his daily needs and he goes to St. Marks when he can find someone to take him there.

Frank is truly facing a health crisis. Mankind was able to help Frank and prays he will get back some of his vision soon. If you know anyone who is facing a health crisis, please encourage them to apply for assistance from Mankind.


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