Enrique’s Story


Enrique is a warehouse manager  and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December of 2022. Enrique is 60 years old and did not think much of the pain in his abdomen until it got so bad he had to go to the emergency room.

Once he was there he was transferred to another hospital where they detected spots on his pancreas. A month later he was in treatment for pancreatic cancer. He has not been able to work and ended up with blood clots in his legs.

Enrique started chemotherapy at the beginning of the year and in May the doctors took out a tumor from his small intestine near his spleen. He needs more chemo and is still unable to perform his work duties so he has no income for his family.

Thanks to Mankind and its supporters we were able to get Enrique some financial relief and pray that he gets well and back to work. Enrique thanks all of the Mankind supporters and remind people to get help at the first sign of a health issue.