Ed’s Story

Ed had an accident about 8 years ago in his apartment when he went to get up out of his chair and blacked out, he woke up later and called for help.

The paramedics broke into his apartment. He was in the bathroom and couldn’t move. They told him that he was on the floor for 12 and 1/2 hours when he got to the hospital he was in with what they call rhabdomyolysis.

His chin was fractured, he broke a vertebrae in his back, his kidneys had shut down and he was paralyzed from the knees down, the doctors didn’t think he’d make it. But Ed thanked God everything turned out okay except for his legs. Ed had about 80% nerve damage in both legs and has to use a walker to get around. 

He moves very slowly and the company that provides the medication for his legs charges a very large amount of money in order to get his monthly injections.  He receives social security but after his utilities, rent, food and other bills he only has about $65 a month left over so he cannot pay the bill for Medicare, but it only covers about 70%.

Mankind and its supporters were able to help Ed get some injections but this is going to be an ongoing battle for Ed. We need more support so that we can help Ed and others live without the worry of financial burdens due to a health crisis.