Earl’s Story

Earl’s brother-in-law was seeing his doctor at Dallas Pelvic Medicine Center for a routine visit and told Earl about Mankind’s™ charitable assistance program. He thought of Earl because he knew Earl was going through a challenging financial struggle. Earl had family history of prostate cancer and needed to be pro-active and have a new PSA level test performed. Earl completed a financial aid application and subsequently board members Art Carillo and Jason W. Taylor along with founder Eric Becker met him for lunch to find out how Mankind™ could help Earl.

We were delighted to meet Earl that day as we learned of his story and challenges. Despite what might seem like an insurmountable situation to others, Earl had a positive and resilient attitude about his problems. He told us the story of his brother who died of prostate cancer two years ago, and how he had taken a PSA test, was told his levels were relatively high, and that he needed a follow up test to find out if the PSA levels were rising. However, Earl wasn’t able to afford the follow up visit and test because he was unemployed due to illness, and six weeks behind on his rent due to unemployment. Earl is about to become eligible for social security benefits in a few months and just needed some help to keep from getting evicted but was very honest and plainly told us he expected to end up in a shelter.

That’s when Mankind™ took action. We vetted the facts of Earl’s situation and discussed matters on his behalf with his landlord. Mankind™ was able to pay the landlord 100% of Earl’s overdue rent as of August 1, 2013 and in addition to that we arranged for a prostate cancer PSA screening visit at the DPMC and covered the complete cost of the visit, exam, testing and Earl’s transportation to and from the visit since Earl doesn’t have a car. In total, our contribution to Earl was nearly $1,000. “You all have relieved me of a tremendous burden, and I can’t thank you enough,” said Earl when we met him on August 9th at his house in south Dallas.

Mankind™ wants to thank everyone who has either sponsored or attended one of our charitable fundraising events. Without your support, we would not have been able to help Earl. We look forward to continuing program this year and in the future.